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Vote Mike Visconti, State Rep. Concord NH District 14, Ward 4

It is official, Mike is listed!

Mike will be listed on the November 6th, General Election ballot.

Now – we need to win this from the Democrats.

Sanctuary cities, tax and spend, increased limitations on the right to bear arms, and blistering attacks on the First Amendment, the list of Liberal Socialist agenda items goes on. While Mike is fairly Moderate, there is plenty his platform firm on.

You can help by speaking with your neighbors in Ward 4, and urging them to write-in Mike, or by sharing our online content.

As a reminder, Ward 4 (District 14) residents polling location is the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Concord, located at 55 Bradley Street.

If you’d like to help, please let us know! Mike needs your help going door-to-door, writing letters, and sharing campaign updates with the community.

Thank you again for all your support!

Mike Visconti
State Representative Candidate, Concord NH

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