NH Native, Student, & Business Owner

Mike grew up in Merrimack, New Hampshire, and went through public school.

After earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, in 2014, he went to work full-time.

While working for a few years, in 2016, he started a Master’s of Science, in Information Technology, at Southern New Hampshire University.

Then, in 2017, while Mike was taking night and online classes, he founded his first business, V12 Marketing.

Since then, under V12 Marketing, he has worked with countless businesses in New Hampshire, guiding them to grow and drive economic growth.

In 2018, Mike ran a well-fought campaign for State Representative, but lost in a historically Democrat district. But, this experience gave him the contacts and knowledge to build on and run again in the future.

Then, in 2019, Mike started his second business, the Concord Sentinel. After campaigning and seeing how politically motivated many of the local media outlets were, he wanted to offer something different.

Now, in 2020, Mike is ready to run to represent NH voters again.

Given his experience and history, it’s clear that Mike is passionate about supporting small business and growing the local economy.

Mike knows what it takes to build a grassroots effort to accomplish a goal, and he plans to bring this pragmatic and transparent leadership style to the New Hampshire House of Representatives.