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Mike Visconti Concord NH 2018 Election Results



11/07/2018 — 6:36PM

Statement from Mike Visconti:

Well Concord, we didn’t win the 2018 House election. But 404 votes was a win. All the people that we got to meet, and discuss important issues affecting New Hampshire is a win. Gaining support from the NH GOP party was a big win. And all the responses and feedback we got from the first campaign were a win.

This is a tough district. Ward 4, or Merrimack NH District 14, is very Democrat populated. After reviewing campaign results, we believe that with continued pursuit, we can grow the demand for more Moderate Conservative representation in New Hampshire politics.

Thank you to everyone who helped us campaign. Your support helped us jump start a demand for fresh ideas, fiscal conservatism, and pragmatic solutions in NH politics. I look forward to continuing to work with the party, local organizations and businesses, and all our supporters. And I look forward to continuing to work to understand the issues important to NH. Thank you.


Election results:

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